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Financial Planning Services

We offer a range of financial planning services and solutions for individuals and families. These include:

  1. Self Managed Super Funds
  2. Strategic Financial Advice
  3. Investment Management
  4. Risk Management and Corporate Super
  5. Division of Marital Assets
  6. Government Super

Self Managed Super Funds

You want greater control of your super, but the rules and regulations of a self managed super fund (SMSF) are a bit daunting? That’s where we come in. Elston Partners can give you greater control of your super and ensure that day-to-day paperwork happens without the headaches. And the reports we send to your accountant make tax time simple.  Read more

Strategic Financial Advice

To advise you on the best possible way to build your long-term wealth and provide an income for retirement we follow a defined path that starts with the development of a profile based on a number of factors, including your tolerance to risk. Read more

Investment Management

With Elston Partners you can decide how much you want us to be involved with the management of your investments. Read more

Risk Management & Corporate Super

At Elston Partners we recognise the importance of protecting your wealth and the financial well-being of your family. Elston Assure provides our clients with quality independent solutions to their risk protection needs for themselves, their families and their businesses. Read more

Division of Marital Assets

For most separating couples, the division of assets is based on a proportioned split. Often it’s not until after the settlement that the full impact of that division becomes clear. By talking to an Elston Partners wealth adviser early in the family law process you can focus on the annual income you require and the retirement assets you need to retain before you settle. Plan your new life with confidence.

Government Superannuation Schemes

Defined Benefit Superannuation Assessments
When the mainstream financial press talk about superannuation they are usually referring to accumulation super. Most of the advisory industry revolves around accumulated super too. But there is a different kind of super. And it requires a different kind of thinking. Read more

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